Carbon Hard Edge, Flexible Back

A hard edge, flexible back blade for horizontal cut-off machines, and contour and straight cutting on vertical band saw machines. Its economical cost makes it a good choice for cutting "easy to machine" metals and other materials.
   A partial list of materials cut with CARBON Band Saw Blades includes: Aluminum-Soft,  Non-Metals,  Angle Iron,  Woods,  and Bronze - Brass.

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Tri-Temp Hard Edge, Tempered Back

TRI-TEMP Blades are manufactured from high carbon alloy steel. Through a special heat treating process, a spring tempered hardness is given to the back of the blade. Its greater tensile strength allows heavier feeds and provides longer blade life for production cutting. TRI-TEMP is not recommended to be run at speeds over 4,000 feet per minute.

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Welded H.H.S. edge, (MX)

Bi-Metal is a high production blade, made possible by electron beam welding. Its MX high speed steel cutting edge is joined to a tough, flexible carbon alloy back for fatigue resistance and duribility.
   A partial list of materials cut with BI-METAL Band Saw Blades includes: Aluminum-Hard,  Carbon Steels,  Nickel Chrome,  Tool Steels,  Stainless Steel,  Structurals.

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